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Management For Owners Of Properties
Condominium Management
Management Of Properties In Litigation

Why Hire Professional Management?

Cooper Real Estate Management, LLC can structure a management plan to meet your specific needs. There are different levels of management that you can choose from:

We know how to deal with the different agencies that can help a property run more efficiently

At Cooper Real Estate  we eliminate you having to communicate on a day to day basis with your tenants

With rising interest rates and high vacancy rates it is important that you maximize your collections and minimize your expenditures. 



While our services are available for all types of properties including multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial properties, one of our real strengths lies in condominium management.


With respect to conversions of multi-family properties to condominium, we can coordinate the many aspects of conversion such as certification and registration as well as compile the documents required for the unit purchasers at the time of the sale. Cooper Real Estate Management, L.L.C.  is also a licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm belonging to several of New Jersey’s multiple listing services. We are available to assist with the marketing of units for sale; developing and maintaining a positive sales strategy while presenting units to all Realtors in the local community.


Our Commitment to You!

Our highest aspiration is to provide our clients with a trusting and committed working relationship. Satisfaction of the investing party(s) is our priority and the greatest concern. Our services are efficient in maximizing your investments and minimizing any problems.


Our company’s philosophy is "to maintain a pleasant and kind atmosphere with our clients."  It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce our services to you.




  • Professional signs are displayed on your property with a company logo if you so wish.

  • Routine property inspections.

  • Preventative maintenance inspections of your property are completed on a periodic basis.

  • Owners are notified immediately in writing of repairs required if found to be a resident or owner responsibility.

  • If the owner does not make the requested repairs, we know the best ways to get the problem rectified in a professional manner.



  • If you do not currently have the required public liability insurance, we can arrange to purchase a policy for you at very competitive rates

  • We require you to carry the necessary public liability insurance naming us as co-insured.

  • We are currently bonded in the amount of $100,000.


  • Competent maintenance is the key to protecting your investment.

  • All repair and maintenance services are performed by independent contractors who have proven to be reliable and who offer competitive rates.

  • Repair of maintenance work is fully documented and backed up with receipts.

  • Requests for maintenance repairs caused by owner’s negligence will be charged to the appropriate owner.     

  • Routine repair and maintenance is performed as required. If any major work is required, written estimates are obtained and submitted to you for your approval.


  • Each month your board and/or anyone you select will receive a financial package that will give you precise information on the financial condition of your Association

  • The reports will include, but not be limited to, a balance sheet, income statement, budget vs. actual statement, bank statement, bank reconciliation, assessment activity statement (unit owner’s collections), cash journal, check register and copies of all invoices paid during that month

  • We will present a CPA a trial balance at the end of the year, which he will use to prepare the yearly taxes.  As we use “Skyline” financial reporting, we can provide you with any customized report that you or Association might need.


When you are placing an asset in to the hands of a receiver, choose Cooper Real Estate Management, L.L.C.


Cooper Real Estate Management L.L.C. are currently the Court Appointed rent receiver for many inner-city properties. Most of the receiverships have come from The Chancery or Bankruptcy courts. Some of them are 299 Oliver St. in Newark, 61 Cleveland St. in Orange, 30-32 Rutgers St. in Irvington, Station Sq. Condominium Association in Montclair, and 15 Summit St. in East Orange.

Cooper R.E.M.’s best and longest lasting relationships with many large asset holding companies began as receiverships. We have managed assets for Judge Julio M. Fuentes, Judge Miriam Span, and Judge R. Benjamin Cohen and many other Chancery and Bankruptcy judges throughout New Jersey. We have gained many new properties from the attorneys that were involved in various cases. The next time you are faced with the difficult decision of placing an asset in receivership with a managing agent, choose a company with the experience to handle the job, Cooper Real Estate Management L.L.C.

Cooper Real Estate Management, L.L.C. knows the importance of making sure that an asset improves under our direction. We know that i takes more than just collecting rents and paying bills to make a receivership a succesful one. At Cooper R.E.M., a well conceived management plan is developed for each property. We know the importance of timely, accurate financial reporting. Proving our success, we have been kept on as managing agents even when an owner gets the property back, as they have seen how efficiently we have controlled the asset.

Quick Appraisals or BPO’s

Cooper Real Estate Management L.L.C. will visit any site in the Tri-State area and give you a “Broker’s Price Opinion” on the subject property. We will enter the property if you desire, perform a physical inspection and give you quick method vs. market value analysis. Want to view a sample?

We will also call or visit the tax office in order to get current assessments and compare the information on local sold listings. We will also give you area comparisons on the rental market. These appraisals can be completed in three days or less. We can also just visit a site and digitally photograph it and e-mail you the pictures. If you are out of the state or country and want to see what a property looks like we can provide you of the state or country and want to see what a property looks like we can provide you same day service on any property in the tri-state area. If you need a qualified person to inspect a proeprty for you we can inspect a property in the tri-state area. If you need a qualified person to inspect a property for you we can inspect a property no matter how small.


View Sample BPO Materials (Letter, Rent Roll, Etc.)


Cooper Real Estate Management L.L.C. will perform an in-depth income vs. expense analysis of any property.

For more information about setting up a Broker’s Price Opinion, use the form to the right and someone from our offices will call you shortly.

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